What is Scholarly Publishers Indicators Expanded?

Scholarly Publishers Indicators Expanded is a new development by ÍLIA Research Group (Research Group on Scholarly Books) in which the presence or absence of 3948 book publishers in different international information systems is made available.

Which are its information sources?

SPI Expanded shows the presence of each book Publisher in five information systems:

How was it developed?

After the depuration and normalization of the individual records in all information systems considered, the presence of each book publisher in each of the five information systems has been identified. From that information, an interactive chart was developed, showing in how many information systems a given book publisher is indexed and which are those information systems, also enabling comparisons between publishers.

How can it be accessed?

In the following interactive chart there is a first column containing the book publishers' names. A second column contains the number of information systems in which a given book publisher is indexed (a bar represents this information). This second column is followed by others showing the presence or absence of a given book publisher in the different information systems. The variables can be displayed in ascendant or descendant order as a function of any other variable using the emergent icons which appear at the top of each column when placing the mouse pointer in that area. There is also a filter available at the top right section of the chart which enables the selection of a subset of publishers.

What does this information mean? How can it be used?

The five information systems considered here are, in all cases, selective. This implies that book publishers have passed different filters in order to get indexed.

Since local / national oriented book publishers or those publishing in languages other than English are not the main objective of some sources, it is not possible to conclude that a higher level of presence among the five systems implies a higher quality or recognition of a given publisher. The mere presence in one of the systems implies a certain degree of recognition.

The comparison of the presence of book publishers in the different systems can be useful in order to analyze their potential use for scientific assessment purposes.

Creative Commons License

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