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On this page it is possible to consult, through the link, a series of interactive charts and diagrams which show the number of titles in each subject and sub-subject in which the books published by 58 UNE publishers have been classified according to their categorization in the DILVE database.

The source of information for the development of these charts and diagrams has been the Distribuidor de Información del Libro Español en Venta (DILVE), an organization which has granted authorization to use the information for research purposes. The data collected from DILVE have been processed taking into account only the information contained in the mentioned database.

The time span covered by the information shown in the graphs is established by its two entry dates, as shown in the database: 01/01/2006 and 04/03/2014, being excluded from this analysis all books that have been integrated into DILVE after the most recent date. It should be mentioned, however, that the ongoing updating of DILVE permits the periodical renewal of the charts and diagrams accessed through the links found on this page, which allows the inclusion of publishers who have recently started to register information on their publications in the database (independently of the publication date of the books) and also updates the information provided for the publishers that was included originally.

It is important to note that the process of subject classification of the books published by a university publisher is complex, personalized for each element and entails considerable difficulty, especially when it is carried out retrospectively; this aspect can be particularly important in the case of publishers with a long trajectory. Keeping this in mind, it is possible to find charts in which the number of books with no subject assigned represents a considerable percentage of the total number of titles published. Nevertheless, being able to periodically update the data underlying the graphs will allow the information about the subject classification of the works published to be more complete.

For some of the UNE publishers included in DILVE, information related to the subject classification of the works published has not been identified, which is the reason why they have not been included in the linked graphical representations on this page, as well as the UNE publishers which are not included in DILVE, those which are present in DILVE but have not started to enter information on the subject classification of their publications, or those that have included information on an substantial proportion of their titles after 04/03/2014. The fields used to assign each title to a subject correspond to those used in DILVE to define the main subject ("materia_bic_destacada"). In those cases in which the work is classified in various subjects, only the first of those specified has been considered as valid. In addition, in order to reduce the number of missing cases in this variable, for those titles which have no classification in the main subject field, the first descriptor of the field assigned to its subject has been used as valid substitute value ("código_bic_materia"). For more information on the subject codes, see http://www.dilve.es/dilve/dilveweb/dilve_IBIC.jsp.

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"No map can substitute the region which has been mapped, but at the same time […] a well plotted chart simplifies the itinerary"

Tomás Granados Salinas. Director of the collection Libros about books belonging to the Fondo de Cultura Económica, in a note from the Manual de edición literaria y no literaria