Publishing output data. Source: DILVE (2016)

In this section data regarding the publishing output by field in the scholarly sector (Humanities and Social Sciences) are presented. For this purpose, over 600,000 registers from DILVE database were processed, involving the identification of the thematic subject of the books published by each publisher and grouping the subjects in fields in order to facilitate the retrieval of the information. Each chart allows the identification of the most productive publishers in each field. Also, those publishers which are indexed in SPI prestige rankings have been marked in order to make possible the visual association between thematic specialization and book publishers' prestige according to opinion of the scholarly community. p>

Publishing output data. Source: DILVE (2015)

This section contains data regarding the specialization degree of book publishers. Of this purpose, DILVE database contents have been analyzed (over 500.000 registers). The fields attached to each book were identified and the distribution of titles by fields for each publisher was calculated.

These data can answer two questions:

- In which field does a publisher publish more titles?

- Which publishers are more productive in a given discipline?

Both questions can be answered for different sets of publishers

- Scientific publishers or publishers which are interesting for research, contained in SPI publishers' prestige rankings

- Publishers in DILVE

- Publishers affiliated to UNE (Union of Spanish University Presses)

More information can be found at this Note

"No map can substitute the region which has been mapped, but at the same time […] a well plotted chart simplifies the itinerary"

Tomás Granados Salinas. Director of the collection Libros about books belonging to the Fondo de Cultura Económica, in a note from the Manual de edición literaria y no literaria